Projects We Support

Additional projects we support with our work

The School of Friendship “Ecole Amitié”

This school project was begun in the fall of 1995. It was brought to life through the collaboration of a Haitian teacher, the initiator and director of the project, and a German painter who was living in Cap-Haitien at the time. They coordinated plans and contacts, and thus established a school in the oldest slum of Cap-Haitien, where 1,000 children now attend classes each year.


The organization “Association des Femmes Progressistes des Gonaives” (Association of the progressive women of Gonaives) was founded in 2007, by Eliette Jean-Beauplan, a former sponsor child of Lebensmission. Along with a five-member organizing committee, Eliette supports needy women through literacy classes and Bible classes. They also provide practical jobs for people in the community.

Local Churches

In addition to the previously mentioned projects, Lebensmission also supports the local churches EETdJC (Eglise Evangélique Temoins de Jésus Christ or Evangelical Witnesses of Jesus Christ ) and Eglise de Dieu Union Chrétienne des Gonaives (Church of God United Christians of Gonaives).