Kinderdorf Sponsorships

Since Lebensmission founded the Kinderdorf orphanage in Gonaives,

over 30 years ago, sponsorships have been made available for the children living in the Kinderdorf. Thus, long-term care is able to be provided for the children, and some contacts have even developed between sponsors and their sponsor-child. In the Kinderdorf, the children receive complete and holistic care (see Kinderdorf Orphanage). You can sponsor a Kinderdorf child for 80 euro per month (updated Jan. 2015).

External Sponsorships

When Lebensmission began working

in Gonaives, it could only offer sponsorships to the children living in the Kinderdorf. However, by the late eighties, the program expanded to include external sponsorships to help support children and families outside of the Kinderdorf.

The goal of external sponsorships

is to make it possible for a child to receive an education, as well as to provide for his/her basic needs. It is through education alone that the people of Haiti will be able to stop the downward spiral of poverty. Due to the higher cost of living in Haiti compared to other countries (e.g. Asia), the cost of a sponsorship is 40 euro per month.

Thanks to a growing desire to help in Europe,

the number of children supported through our program has continued to grow over the years. By April 2014, already 372 children, living in and around Gonaives, were receiving regular support.
Along with receiving monthly financial support, these children are regularly visited by members from our team. Additionally, training courses on various topics like hygiene, medical basics, and coping strategies, as well as spiritual seminars, are also regularly offered at the Mission de Vie orphanage. The families that attend these courses and seminars always express their sincere gratitude.

Employee Sponsorships


currently has about twenty-seven employees working in Gonaives, at Mission de Vie. These employees work directly in the Kinderdorf either in administration or for the sponsorship program. They are happy to have found a job with Mission de Vie, where they have regular incomes and can provide for themselves and their families. We are also looking for sponsors for our employees, so that we can afford to raise their salaries. An employee sponsorships starts at 50 euro per month.

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